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My Portfolio

This page has descriptions of many of the projects that I have worked on, as well as links to play many of the games that I have developed.

This website itself is one of the projects that I have created. I independently developed the front end and design. I built the Information page based on a webpage structure by Christina Truong that she showed how to develop in her CSS Tutorial on lynda.com.


Menu Based Web Game


August 2017


Developed solo. In a world where pizza has been made illegal, play as the secret agent S.O.U.P. You have to encrypt and decrypt messages using clever codes and ciphers to facilitate pizza delevieries. As you carry out your duties, you also have to make sure that you take care of your hunger, stress, and stomach problems. The game uses no extra frameworks or libraries.

Play S.O.U.P.


Web Application

MySQL, Java

May 2017


Co-developed with Sean Milligan and Alden Peffer. Web application similar to Netflix. The website allows users to create accounts with different memberships and to rent movies, while employees can also use the website to query reports. I wrote all the SQL for data population, as well as many transactions in MySQL. I also wrote the Java code to get data from the database.

Juno's Artifact

3D Adventure Puzzle Game

C# in Unity Engine

December 2016

Juno's Artifact

Co-developed with Alden Peffer. Play as Vasco, an explorer that is looking for the ultimate artifact: Juno's Artifact. You will find many artifacts on your journey that you have to rotate into proper configurations to solve puzzles.

Play Juno's Artifact

Nachos O.S.

Custom Operating System


November 2016

Co-developed with Kwun Yin Chan. Built upon a java-based implementation of a operating system named Nachos which can run programs written in a language similar to C. Developed a callout facility, basic system calls, dynamic memory allocation and several scheduling policies like round-robin, shortest-process-next, highest-response-ratio-next, etc.

Electronic Combat

2D Strategy RPG

C# in Unity Engine

August 2016

Electronic Combat

Developed solo. A group of 4 cyborgs that undergo a series of trials in order to prove their strength. They are training in preparation for a revolution. Partake in tactical turn based combat that pushes you to think smartly and carefully.

Play Electronic Combat

Wolfie Script

Language Interpreter


May 2016

Developed solo. A python program that is able to execute programs written in a custom programming language. The program utilizes a parser created by Christophe Delord. This new language has support for dynamic typing, arrays, control flow, subroutines, return values, and recursion.